Overseas Products

Pleas note that all of the overseas products can be placed thorugh HI Investment & Futures
The overseas products listed below are the ones most actively traded.
For details in each products. visit a website of the designated Exchange.

01 Index Futures

E-mini S&P 500 CME (www.cme.com)
E-mini Nasdaq 100 CME (www.cme.com)
Mini-Dow Jones Index CME (www.cme.com)
Nikkei 225 CME (www.cme.com)
E-mini Russell 2000 ICE (www.theice.com)
US Dollar Index ICE (www.theice.com)
SESC China 120 Index HKEX(www.hkex.com.hk)
SGX FTSE China A50 SGX(www.sgx.com)
DAX EUREX(www.eurexgroup.com)
H-Share Index HKEX(www.hkex.com.hk)
Hang Seng Index HKEX(www.hkex.com.hk)
SGX CNX Nifty SGX(www.sgx.com)
Mini H-Share Index HKEX(www.hkex.com.hk)
Mini Hang Seng Index HKEX(www.hkex.com.hk)
SGX Nikkei 225 SGX(www.sgx.com)
SGX MSCI ???? SGX(www.sgx.com)
DJ Euro Stoxx50 EUREX(www.eurexgroup.com)

02 Interest Rate Futures

30 Year T-Bond CBOT (www.cme.com)
2 Year T-Notes CBOT (www.cme.com)
5 Year T-Notes CBOT (www.cme.com)
10 Year T-Notes CBOT (www.cme.com)
Euro dollars EUREX(www.eurexgroup.com)
Euro Schatz EUREX(www.eurexgroup.com)
Euro Bobl EUREX(www.eurexgroup.com)
Euro Bond EUREX(www.eurexgroup.com)
Euro Buxl EUREX(www.eurexgroup.com)

03 Currency Futures

Australian Dollar CME (www.cme.com)
Canadian Dollar CME (www.cme.com)
British Pound CME (www.cme.com)
Swiss Franc CME (www.cme.com)
Japanese Yen CME (www.cme.com)
Euro Currency CME (www.cme.com)
E-mini EUR/USD CME (www.cme.com)
E-mini JPY/USD CME (www.cme.com)
E-micro Australian Dollar CME (www.cme.com)
E-micro Canadian Dollar CME (www.cme.com)
E-micro Swiss Franc CME (www.cme.com)
E-micro Japanese Yen CME (www.cme.com)
E-micro Euro Currency CME (www.cme.com)
Newzealand Dollar CME (www.cme.com)
CNH Currency HKEX(www.eurexgroup.com)
Mini Euro CME (www.cme.com)
Mini Japanese Yen CME (www.cme.com)
Mini Japanese Yen CME (www.cme.com)

04 Energy Futures

WTI CME (www.cme.com)
Gasoline CME (www.cme.com)
Natural Gas CME (www.cme.com)
Heating Oil CME (www.cme.com)
E-mini Natural Gas CME (www.cme.com)
Brent Crude ICE (www.theice.com)
Mini WTI CME (www.cme.com)
Mini Gasoline CME (www.cme.com)

05 Agricultural Futures

Coffee ICE (www.theice.com)
FCOJ-A (Orange Juice) ICE (www.theice.com)
Sugar No.11 ICE (www.theice.com)
Cotton No.2 ICE (www.theice.com)
Cocoa ICE (www.theice.com)
Corn CBOT (www.cme.com)
Soybean oil CBOT (www.cme.com)
Soybean meal CBOT (www.cme.com)
Soybean CBOT (www.cme.com)
Oats CBOT (www.cme.com)
Rough Rice CBOT (www.cme.com)
Wheat CBOT (www.cme.com)

06 Livestocks Futures

Live Cattle CME (www.cme.com)
Feeder Cattle CME (www.cme.com)
Lean Hogs CME (www.cme.com)

07 Metais futures

Gold CME (www.cme.com)
Silver CME (www.cme.com)
Copper CME (www.cme.com)
Palladium CME (www.cme.com)
Platinum CME (www.cme.com)
E-mini Gold CME (www.cme.com)
E-micro Gold CME (www.cme.com)

08 Index Options

Mini S&P500 CME (www.cme.com)
Mini Nasdaq 100 CME (www.cme.com)
DAX EUREX(www.eurexgroup.com)
DJ Euro Stoxx 50 EUREX(www.eurexgroup.com)
H-Share Index CME (www.cme.com)
Hang Seng Index CME (www.cme.com)

09 Interest Rate Options

30 Year T-Bond CME (www.cme.com)
2 Year T-Bond CME (www.cme.com)
5 Year T-Bond CME (www.cme.com)
10 Year T-Bond CME (www.cme.com)

10 Currency Options

Australian Dollar CME (www.cme.com)
British Pound CME (www.cme.com)
Euro Currency CME (www.cme.com)
Japanese Yen CME (www.cme.com)

11 Energy Options

WTI CME (www.cme.com)
Natural Gas CME (www.cme.com)

12 Agricultural Options

Com CME (www.cme.com)
Soybean meal CME (www.cme.com)
Soybean CME (www.cme.com)
Wheat CME (www.cme.com)

13 Metal Options

Gold CME (www.cme.com)
Silver CME (www.cme.com)