Product Customer Margin
Initial Margin Maintenance Margin
KOSPI200 Futures 9.00% 6.00%
KOSPI200 Options 9.00% 6.00%
MINI KOSPI200 Futures 9.00% 6.00%
MINI KOSPI200 Options 9.00% 6.00%
KTB Futures 0.75% 0.50%
5TB Futures 1.35% 0.90%
LKTB Futures 2.55% 1.70%
USD Futures 4.2% 2.8%
USD Options 4.2% 2.8%
Yen Futures 5.10% 3.40%
Euro Futures 5.70% 3.80%
Gold Futures 7.50% 5.00%
Lean Hog Futures 21.00% 14.00%
Initial Margin
  The minimum deposit a clearing firm must require from customers for each contract, when an account is new or
  when the account's equity falls below Korea Exchange Clearing minimum maintenance requirements.
  The contract specifications indicate the amount of this deposit for futures contracts.
Maintenance Margin
  A sum, usually smaller than the initial margin, which must remain on deposit in the customer's account
  for any position. A drop in funds below this level requires a deposit back to initial margin levels.